Revive Your Wardrobe with Fashion Mood Boards |

Revive Your Wardrobe with Fashion Mood Boards


Mood boards have been a popular form of inspiration and planning for a number of years.

From interior design, party planning and style muse, mood boards are a clever way to collate a theme of things that you like and apply them to certain life events.

However, when it comes to your sense of style and doing a wardrobe overhaul, it can be overwhelming knowing which clothes suit you and which to stay away from.

Whether your style is minimal, trendy, casual or a mixture of many others, trends can interfere with what really suits you. You can easily fall into the trap of buying what is popular rather than what is really reflects you and your style.

This is where the effectiveness of mood boards come in. Whether it be a physical mood board such as a scrapbook or mannequins , or an online mood board such as Pinterest, having visual examples of the clothes you should be wearing will help you to shop more efficiently.

A fashion mood board will help you put together the colours that flatter you the most, the cuts which enhance your shape and the styles which make you look most stylish and put together. You will be able to look at the board and edit and rework it as many times as you need, before you have even spent any money.

Knowing what clothes you want to buy before you even go to the shops will reduce the likelihood of you spending money on something that is not really you. It will also help you avoid making spur of the moment splurges; this will save you money in the long run and allow you to put funds towards other things in life.

Mood boards will also streamline your wardrobe meaning you do not have an overstuffed space. If you follow a mood board and know that you have already bought a pair of skinny black jeans, you are less likely to go out and buy another pair.

Visual inspiration gained from mood boards is also helpful when it comes to specific events and looks. Especially when it comes to physical mood boards, seeing how certain pieces can be worn together can avoid the stresses of outfit planning.

It is not uncommon to mentally visualise an outfit, put it together, then realise it is not as flattering in real life as you imagined. Physical mood boards such as mannequins will allow you to realistically see how things will look when they are worn.

It can also help to enhance your sense of self, if you are secure in knowing what you do and do not like when it comes to fashion.

Mannequins can also be used for big events, such as birthdays or weddings, and referred to and altered as needed. And as these events sometimes take a while to plan, you can give yourself multiple options and again, avoid spending money on outfits which will not look good.

As well as using mood boards to stick to what you know when it comes to revamping your wardrobe, it can also encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. If you are able to confidently put together an outfit with clothes that you would not usually go for, you can then be enticed to switch up your style and wear something unexpected.

There is nothing to be lost and much to be gained when you decide to use mood boards to inspire your fashion sense and ultimately, it can offer you the wardrobe revamp that you have been looking for.