Simple makeup tricks for Christmas |

Simple makeup tricks for Christmas

Simple makeup tricks for Christmas

By implementing some simple makeup tricks potenciaras face beauty to the fullest and get a stunning look.

Ideal for these dates when the Christmas invites us to look more beautiful than ever.

That is why, on this occasion, we’ve compiled some simple makeup tricks you can implement in a few minutes and you confer one sweeping look.

Infinite tabs

Having a endless eyelashes is easier than you think. To get it, you just need a mask of lengthening eyelashes, an eyelash curler and a little talcum powder.

Simple makeup tricks for Christmas

First, curls lashes. In the following video you will see how you must perform this step.

Then apply the mask and then, a little talc on the tips of the tabs.

Terminate the process extending another layer of mascara. It will seem that your lashes are endless!

Golden touch in the lacrimal

Christmas is the perfect time to give prominence to the look.

Opt for the look you opt, you can always give it a touch of brightness applied in the area of the tear, a small amount of gold or pearl shadow.

It is about creating a point of light that feels good to all eyes. One of the tricks of makeup simple they could not miss on this list!

Simple makeup tricks for Christmas

Lasting lipstick

Applying eyeshadow on the lips before extending lip’ll get this remains intact for longer.

Remember to choose a shade with a similar tone to that of the lipstick and, if possible, the products with the help of a brush for a more professional result.

Divine cheeks

Do not know where you have to apply blush to be radiant? Just smile!

Laughter gives you the opportunity to make the most fleshy areas of your cheeks, which are the areas that need to extend the blush.

Simple makeup tricks for Christmas

Liner darker

Want to get smokey eyes intense and sexy? So remember to soak eyeliner in black liquid eyeliner.

Then outlines look like you do regularly. You’ll get a makeup black raven and a feline and sensual look!

What do you think about these simple makeup tricks for Christmas?

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