Simple Tips to Take Your Makeup Look from Day to Night |

Simple Tips to Take Your Makeup Look from Day to Night


The life of a student at Bradley University in the nurse practitioner doctorate degree program is one that is usually fairly busy to say the least. That isn’t to say you still don’t have some time left for a social life. So let’s say you’ve been invited out by your friends at the last minute and you have very little time to get ready. Well we’ve got some simple and quick tips you can use to take your makeup look from day to night.

Start with a Clean Slate

It’s time to wipe away all of the signs of study and work from your face by starting with a clean slate. There’s a good chance you’ve been sitting in front of the computer screen pouring over your online doctoral nursing programs, and with that said your skin is ready for a quick wake me up. If you’re looking for a time-saving way to remove the makeup from the day, you can pick up a package of makeup wipes. In just a few quick swipes your skin is clean and ready for moisturizer.

Add Illumination

One of the best ways to create that glow for night-time is to opt for an illuminating product. This can be a powder, cream, or even a primer with an illuminating finish. What this does is add light to your face. Opt for something without sparkles, as you want a smooth sheer finish instead. This product can be used as a highlighter on the high points of your cheeks, forehead, tip of chin, and the bridge of your nose, or you can go ahead and use it on your full face.

Pick a Focus

Now it’s time to give some drama to your look. For this step you’ll want to either focus on your eyes or your lips. This keeps things simple, while giving you that dramatic evening look.

If you want to play up your eyes, go for a smoky eye. Typically, people reach for black and charcoal shades, but a smoky eye can actually be done with any intense color. Jewel-toned smoky eyes are quite popular right now and can really bring out your eye color. Opt for colors such as navy, emerald, or purple.

If you would rather play up your lips, keep your eyes neutral. Opt for a champagne shade on your brow bone, and something just a bit darker across the lid. Finish the look with a deep black liner. You can even do a cat eye if you like.

As for lips, burgundy is all the rage right now so if you’re looking to be trendy this is the shade to pick. Other popular night time colors include a deep rich red, plum, bright pink, and coral. Now if you’ve done the smoky eye, a nude lip is your best bet. Keep in mind that “nude” is different for each person as it should be the color that is most like your natural lip color. There are pink-toned nudes, peach-toned, and brown-toned.

Of course you won’t want to forget the finishing touches which are blush and mascara!

With just a few simple steps your skin will be glowing and you will be ready to hit the town.

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