Stress Reducing is Very Needed for Women through easy Exercise |

Stress Reducing is Very Needed for Women through easy Exercise


As career woman I often get stress so I need stress reducing exercise. My work is quite heavy and the work has deadline submitting. I know that work as writer needs more thinking. I always use my brain to get brilliant ideas in my written and easy to be read. When I cannot find the best idea, I often get stress and lazy to finish it. Even though I must be a professional writer and do the best for my career. Today, I have found the way to solve stress that can suddenly come in my mind.

Solving Stress in Mind no Need Much Time

There are six ways to reduce my stress and get new energy. First, I like cycling, spinning, jogging, and other exercise which can produce much sweat. After do exercise I always feel fresh and spirit. Seconds, I often do pigeon pose on the floor. This pose can release tension on my hips. I quite bend my right leg, fold the left leg, lay head and hand on the floor. Hold this pose for several seconds and done alternately.

The third is I directly pose with mountain pose where I stretch my arm. It will relax my tense muscle. Do it and hold for a few second then move your body curving to the right and left. Next, I also can make camel pose where it can stretch my breast and hips. I only put my knee on the floor then I hand touch the edge of the foot nails. Fifth, I do spinal twist pose and it can release tension on my neck, back, and soldier. I quite lay on the floor and lay my one of the feet on the floor. I hold this pose for 30 seconds and do it alternately.

The Last Way Again to Reduce Our Stress

Sixth, I can do yoga or meditation where I need calm situation. I am quite sitting cross-legged on the floor. Then I put my hands on the knee and sit up where abdomen, chest, and face are in one stretch line. The last, I only calm my mind and take a breath for several times.