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Four Ways To Protect Your Hair On A Daily Basis

Four Ways To Protect Your Hair On A Daily Basis

No matter what type of hair you have you want to protect it so that it stays healthy, and keeps you happy. While people with ethnic hair will want to do different things for their hair than people with thin blonde hair, and people with naturally curly hair will do different things with their hair

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Dreaming of a Beautiful Head of Hair?

Is your crowning glory lush, thick and luxuriant? Then you have no worries. However many people suffer from thin, dull and lank hair. If you come in the latter category, don’t despair, you too can have a beautiful head of hair. Online wig retailers sell a huge range of wigs for ladies and toupees for


Reasons why it is great to have curly hair

Recently, something wonderful happened in my life and I want to shout from the top of a mountain. I want Tweet *, publish on Instagram, do it my Facebook status and make a video came about the same. No, I’m not pregnant and I got my dream job. No, me neither I joined a cult. What happened was that I


How to Stop Hair Fall in 4 Weeks

Eat healthy Incorporate protein in your diet. Hair follicles on your scalp are made up of a protein called keratin. People with keratin deficiency are prone to hair loss. In order to get rid of hair loss consume foods that are dense in protein like broccoli and milk. Photo credit: sunrisefamilydentistry.comAbstain from heat styling your


What to Expect as a Hair Stylist

Hair stylists beautify their clients by giving them haircuts and styling their hair in a way that best compliments their facial features. Their job is to study their client’s hair and features, suggest various treatment and hairstyle options. Let’s take a closer look at the career of a hair stylist. What makes hairstyling a good