The Definition of Diamond Earrings for Women |

The Definition of Diamond Earrings for Women

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Diamonds come in different shapes and sizes and are assuredly ‘a girl’s best friend.’ Adornment of diamond jewelry says a lot about a woman’s character. It denotes that she is confident, ready to take on the world and independent. When you are a diamond-wearing girl, you tend to attract a certain breed of the male species – the young submissive types. Choosing your diamonds is like picking out an outfit that denotes your inner character, revealing it to the rest of the world. An artistic endeavor.

The beauty about diamonds is their versatility. They come in different shapes and sizes, and complement other gemstones. When choosing your diamonds, experiment with your dress code, hairstyle, an event you are attending and even the tiny details of your mood. An exquisite outfit is not complete without a pair of diamond earrings. However, the secret lies in choosing the right kind of diamonds for your outfit. You should be careful not to overdo it and risk projecting a callous image of yourself to others.

When picking out your ensemble, let the principle of simplicity guide you. The starting point in selecting diamond earrings is to understand your character and the finished look. Since diamonds shine, you need to be careful in ensuring that any other jewelry you intend to wear complementarily is subtle and also incorporates pieces of diamond. You do not want to go around looking like you are wearing cheap jewelry because this is the effect that diamond earrings can have on other gemstones if they lack hints of diamond.

How to Choose Diamond Earrings for Women

  1. Pick the right color

The finest diamond earrings are colorless, extraordinary and come at exorbitant prices. There is a guiding color scale that you can use when picking your preferred diamond color. For the colorless diamonds the grading scale is D-F, those that are near colorless are denoted as G-I whereas anything below J tends to be progressively yellow.

  1. The clearer the better

Be careful to pick diamond earrings that do not have distinct flaws. Generally, diamonds may have certain inclusions, but these are rarely visible to the eye owing to their shine.

  1. Pick the right cut

There is a little trick that you can employ to ensure that the diamond you are lusting after is of the right cut. Simply look through the diamond, if it is opaque and has within it a dark circle at the center, then it’s definitely not of the right cut.

  1. Pick the right style

The rule of thumb is to pick your diamond earrings according to the occasion. For instance, you cannot wear chandelier diamond earrings to a job interview. It can create an outlandish impression of you. Likewise, keep in mind your hairstyle. If you are wearing diamond studs you can consider an up do hair style to make the earrings more visible. If they are long hoops you can wear your hair down, but push it behind your ears.


Brenda Turner enjoys writing about jewelry and sharing with readers’ tips for selecting diamond earrings for women.

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