The non-standardized path to drug addiction |

The non-standardized path to drug addiction


If there ever was an example of stereotyping a condition, there’s no doubt that drug addiction would be a very good contender. The nature of the problem means that many believe only a certain “type” of person will be susceptible to it, which is of course completely false.

Unfortunately, drug addiction can impact absolutely anyone – regardless of their social status. Sure, the general consensus might be that it’s only the poor and unemployed who suffer with the problem, but on the other side of the coin some statistics have revealed that the middle class are even more likely to struggle.

As such, it most definitely can affect everyone. To make the matter even more complicated, there’s no set path which causes drug addiction. Just like the treatment options can vary as demonstrated by Erik Bugen, there are umpteen causes behind addiction as well.

We’re now going to take a look at some of these causes to highlight the different ways in which people become affected.

The environmental causes

One of the first types of causes relates to the environment. The amount of ways in which a person can become affected by this is scary to say the least; it can impact any person of any age.

For example, studies have shown that children who have grown up with parents who are addicted to drugs are more at risk. Additionally, if their parents were neglectful, the statistics suggest that there is more chance of substance abuse occurring.

However, it doesn’t always affect children. It could be in a far less-obvious way, such as through a particular sport. As recent headlines have highlighted, substance abuse has been hugely prominent in some activities. As such, if a person is involved in one of these sports, it stands to reason that they are going to be more susceptible to addiction as they may just be around the substances more often.

As you can see, the environmental causes can span far and wide and means that some people will always be more at risk than others. Once again, we’ll reiterate that this rarely relates to socioeconomic status though.

The genetic causes

Elsewhere, some studies have suggested that genetics will play a part. In other words, if a person has a relative who is addicted, there is more chance of that same person suffering from the problem.

Unfortunately, this is something where little research has been conducted. At the moment, scientists believe that some genes can impact drug addiction more than others, but this is still an area which requires more clarification.

The psychological causes

This is understood to be the biggest cause of drug addiction. It’s understood that those individuals who have been subjected to psychological problems, whether it was physical abuse in the past or even something like performing poorly at work, will be more susceptible to drug addiction.

Again, the examples can range enormously. Some people are naturally affected more by certain instances in their life than others and can opt to “self-medicate” and fuel their addiction.