The Right Eyeliner Style for Your Eye Type |

The Right Eyeliner Style for Your Eye Type


After watching several makeup tutorial videos on YouTube, you’re probably excited to grab your makeup kit as soon as possible and start painting foundation all over your face, drawing on-fleek sister brows, and some sharp, on-point eyeliner. In the end, you hopelessly cry out of frustration, realizing that it’s not easy after all.

There are many different types of eyeliner styles, but not all suits all types of eye shapes. In this article, you’ll discover what the right eyeliner styles for your eye type are.

  • Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are pretty much the only eye type that works for all types of eyeliner style. If you have this type of eye, you can apply the thinnest of black eye line and still be able to flaunt it. You can stop there, or you can add wings at the end. Long or short, it depends on you. Rest assured your eyes will still look beautiful.

  • Downturned Eyes

Having downturned eyes, your goal should be to make them look lifted. To do this, brighten the inner corners and darken the outer corners. You can use light, shimmery colored pencil for the inner corners. For the outer corners, use dark liquid eyeliner, starting below the highest arch of your eyes upwards to outwards. Finish your liner with a slight upward flick.

  • Round Eyes

Round eyes are beautiful, but they can be even more beautiful by making your eyes look longer. To elongate your eye shape, line your upper eyelid with long wings and emphasize its long size with a smudge of dark liner on the upper and lower eyelash lines.

  • Hooded Eyes

If you are born with hooded eyes, consider yourself the luckiest. You get all the freedom in lining your eyes. Unlike girls with bigger eyes who constantly struggle in drawing the thinnest eye line, girls with hooded eyes are always free to go thick. The ideal eyeliner style for you is thick, winged eyeliner. To make your eyes look rounder, draw thicker liner at the center of your eyes and thinner at the inner and outer corners. Also, skip lining your bottom eyelids. Bottom eyeliners close off your eyes and make them look even smaller.

  • All Eye Shapes

For all types of eye shapes in general, the ideal eyeliner style would be the dotted eyeliner. In this type of eyeliner, you dot the eyeliner as close to the eyelids as possible. Then, blend the dots in one stroke to create a smooth, blended color. This will give your eyes a straight line, regardless of the shape of your eyes.

Final Word

The truth is, eyeliner doesn’t ever go wrong, regardless of the type of eye shape and eyeliner style. Especially when you use the right tool, eyeliner will always look good. For the most flawless results, use the right tools and brush for applying makeup. Get them from any sigma brushes reseller, and you’ll be good to go.

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