Tips For A Successful YouTube Makeup Channel |

Tips For A Successful YouTube Makeup Channel


Starting your own YouTube makeup tutorial channel is as easy as owning a smartphone.  These days all of your recording, editing, and uploading can all be done with apps.

The secret to a successful YouTube channel, however (successful being the operative word), is having top quality materials to work with.  Investing in the proper gear, although costly, can be a rewarding return, with some YouTube makeup artists making as much as half a million a year.  Doesn’t sound too bad now does it!

Say goodbye to amateur and hello to professional by following these tips to turn your YouTube channel into a profitable business.

Turn Up The Lights!

Proper lighting is essential when creating any sort of beauty media content that you want to look professional.  If there are shadows hitting your face, or grainy pixelated images due to low lighting, you simply aren’t going to deliver a quality tutorial.

While it’s ideal to buy professional lighting equipment, you can cut costs by doing some DIY lighting of your own.  Buy a few lamps at the thrift store and buy bulbs with the highest wattage you can find.  Choose a proper backdrop, preferably a solid color to draw attention to you the makeup artist, and position the lights towards you, adjusting the lamp shades until it looks pro.

Professional Camera

While some of the elements to creating your YouTube channel can be DIY, a camera is one of our must-haves that unfortunately doesn’t have that option.

Investing in a high quality DSLR with HD video and a proper lens is a crucial investment.  If you don’t have any savings or your credit is simply not so good, consider taking out a loan.

Whatever you do don’t skip out on this necessity for creating your professional brand.

Invest In An Editing Program

Recording your video and uploading it isn’t enough.  Part of high-quality content on YouTube means having proper transitions, music, titles and animation.

Unfortunately an app on your phone pales in comparison to the capabilities included with a program such as Final Cut or Adobe Premiere.

Investing in a proper editing program and educating yourself on how to use it, could drastically increase your online credibility.

Makeup Training

You might know how to apply makeup but do you know all of the terminology? When presenting professional tutorials it’s very important to sound professional to the professionals.

Being professional to the professionals means knowing what the proper tools are, their brands,  and technique terminology.  You better believe there is a word for everything. Learn it!

By enrolling yourself in some kind of certification or training program, you will learn all the tricks of the trade much faster than teaching yourself.