Tips For Being More Fashionable At Work |

Tips For Being More Fashionable At Work

Fashionable At Work

It really depends on the kind of job you have on how fashionable you’re allowed to be. Obviously if you work at a fast food joint or a grocery store where you need to wear a logo shirt of some sort, you’re not left open to make any kind of a fashion statement. However, even for businesses that have specific work attire there are some great options in clothing that employees will be happy to wear.

You also want to always make sure you are following dress code rules at your job. While it can be fun to spruce up your uniform to be more fashionable, if you’re not allowed to wear certain types of jewelry or do your hair in certain ways, then you may want to make sure that you aren’t doing these things so you can avoid being written up or even sent home and missing work hours.

Pick The Right Footwear

One great place to start when it comes to being fashionable a work is with your feet. While your footwear can greatly depend on the type of job you do, it does allow you a bit of fashionable freedom. If you will be spending a lot of time standing at work you want to have comfortable shoes that you won’t end up with blisters and foot pain from.

Unless your work specifies that you need to wear a certain color of shoe, why not have some fun with colors. If you work in an office setting where you spend much of your day sitting you can get pretty experimental with heals.

Your Pants

Even at jobs that expect you to wear a certain color of pants you may still have the option of picking different styles of pants. Maybe you like skinny jeans, or maybe you prefer cargo pants with plenty of pockets. If there are no rules on pants, skirts, or even dresses, why not have some fun with your fashion sense.

Your Tops And Accessories

Even if you work in a job where you have a specific company shirt you need to wear, you may need to do some things to spruce it up. If you work in a place like TGI Friday’s restaurant where flare buttons are recommended you can have a lot of fun with sprucing up your look with jewelry and other accessories.

When it comes to jewelry and other accessories, you do need to make sure you check your corporate handbook. Depending on your field, or just on the rules set forth by those in charge, certain items, including facial piercings and tattoos, may not be allowed.

And maybe the only option for being more fashionable at your job is how you do your hair, or the way you do your makeup. Have some fun with it, if you can. Even a different haircut or color can make you feel more confident and more in style, and that confidence will reflect in the job you do when you are at work.

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