Tips For Purchasing The Right Jewelry For Your Skin Type And Hair Color |

Tips For Purchasing The Right Jewelry For Your Skin Type And Hair Color


When it comes to jewelry shopping, you may be looking for the perfect piece to go with a particular outfit, but that should never be the only thing that goes into your decision making process. There are other things to consider when it comes to getting jewelry that will look great on you, last, and be exactly what you want it to be. Money isn’t the focus here, it’s you.

Some people will find that certain colors of jewelry will make them look washed out, while others will glow beautifully. It’s all a matter of skin tone and, of course, your hair color. Here are some tips to help you find the best jewelry you possibly can that will enhance your look and your life.

Picking Gems

You may think that the only thing that matters when picking jewelry, aside from finding something you like, is whether or not you’ll look good in gold or silver. However, gemstone colors can have a little bit to do with your choices as well.

While most women adore diamonds, women that enjoy having paler skin may find that a normal colored diamond is just washed out on them. That won’t keep you from your best friend though, with multiple colors available, including chocolate diamonds.

Diamonds aren’t your only options though. Emeralds, Rubies, multiple colors of Topaz, and the options are endless. If you have a yellow hue to your skin, skip yellow stones, same with greens, blues, and even reds. Look at them on, and with your hair color as well.

Gold Or Silver

For some people, though not all, with pale skin, gold can just look bad. For these people, silver tones are definitely the best options. The darker your skin color, the better gold tone jewelry will look on you. However, even pale skinned people may enjoy a gold with an antiqued look.

Again, the same thing goes with colored jewelry as well. If you tend to get splotchy red, or even just have a more reddish color to your skin, a red beaded necklace is going to enhance that, and that might not be something you want. Consider a color that will neutralize the redness, like green.

Keeping Healthy Skin

When you are shopping for jewelry, you also want to look for quality. You don’t want to buy something nikel plated that is going to corrode, and you don’t want to buy cheap jewelry that is going to turn your skin green. Buy real gold, whatever karat works for you. And make sure your silver is silver, and not silver plated.

When it comes to plastic jewelry, just look at quality, to make sure you get something that is going to last you awhile, and not break the first time you wear it.

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