Tips on Buying Human Hair Extension |

Tips on Buying Human Hair Extension

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Hair extensions are quite popular among those who want to try out new hairstyles which they are not able to manage with their existing natural hairs. If you are using hair extension, it does not mean you have lost your natural hair or they are not of good quality. But there are certain hair types which do not allow certain types of hairstyles. For all such styles, there are hair extensions. Hair extensions are not only used by the general people, most of the celebrities also wear it during public appearances and special events. So if you plan to make your hair look different or better feel free to buy a hair extension. The best types of hair extension available at this time are Human Hair Extensions.

What are human hair extensions and how to buy them?

As the name suggests, human hair extensions are made of the hair of the real human hair. Like any other hair extensions, human hair extensions are also attached to the existing natural hair either to give a new style, density or length. Hair extensions can be worn permanently but they are pretty costly. Also, for such hair extensions you need to go to a hair stylist which can cost you even more. However, there are many types of human hair extensions which are ready to use and can be easily attached to the natural hair without anyone’s help. You can buy different types of hair extensions at Hair Extensions Rockville.

There are many advantages of using the hair extensions made out of real human hair. Human hair extensions look much more natural and are stronger as well as more durable. They can be easily maintained like a natural human hair. You can wash them, colour them, style them and even cut them the way you do with your natural hair. They are more durable than the synthetic hair in many ways. They can resist the heat more than the artificial hair. They are as strong as the natural hair. The texture of the human hair extension is also better than the artificial ones. You can search for hair extensions Bethesda on the internet for different available options.

There are primarily two types of human hair extensions available in the market. One is Cuticle-intact hair extension and the other is Cuticle-stripped hair extension. Before we get into the details we need to understand what exactly a cuticle is. Although your hair strands look very thin, they are made up of several layers. The outermost layer that covers the entire hair strand is also its protective layer. This layer is called the cuticle. It is made of materials that provide the protective layering and prevent the hair from damages by shielding it from external influences such as heat, dust and pollutants in the air.

As the name suggests, cuticle-intact human hair extensions are those in which the cuticle is retained. Because of this reason, they are almost like the natural hair and are protected by the cuticle. The protective layer of cuticle makes the hair extensions much more durable and strong. They can be used for a long period of time with proper care. But these hair extensions are much more expensive than the other type.

Cuticle-stripped extension, as the name suggests, is the type of hair extension whose strands do not have the protective cuticle layer. Due to this reason, these hair extensions are much less durable and are more prone to damage. However, these hair extensions are far cheaper than the cuticle-intact counterparts. If you are someone who regularly changes the hair style and does not want to use one hair extension for a very long time then this type of hair extension is the best.

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