Tips To Getting The Perfect Winter Pedicure |

Tips To Getting The Perfect Winter Pedicure

Winter Pedicure

Just because the winter is here doesn’t mean that it is time for you to ignore your feet.  It can be easy to forget about the state of your feet and toes while they are hidden away in boots and comfy socks during the cold winter months.  Remember that you want your feet to look good all year long which means it is important to get pedicures during the winter as well.  Here are a few tips to get the perfect winter pedicure and ensure your feet will look fabulous.


Give Your Skin Lots Of TLC

As with most things dealing with beauty, it all starts with the skin.  You want to make sure that the skin on your feet are soaked and softened.  You may want to invest in a foot spa or bath to conveniently soak your tired toes.  You can also fill up a bowl and concoct your own foot soak out of several household items like vinegar and listerine.  It may sound crazy, but some people swear that the combination of listerine, vinegar and warm water works wonders for smoother feet.


Moisturizers And Oils Are Your Friend

Making sure that your skin is soaked is great but you really want to take your foot care up a notch during winter by investing in some great products to make your skin and nails glow.  Bharti Taneja, contributor for, writes “You need to treat your feet with winter care creams so as to prevent them from the ruthless weather.”  Do some research for the right products for your skin type then hit up your local drug store for lotions, scrubs, and cuticle oils (you don’t want to forget about your nails too) and start using all of these products during your daily beauty ritual.


Get Help From The Professionals

Sometimes it is just worth shelling out the money to get a professional pedicure during the winter months.  Actually, winter is a great time to hit up your favorite spa for some work on your tired and dried out feet.  Many professional beauty salons and spas slow season is in the winter so many of these businesses run specials during the cold months to get clients in those comfortable pedicure chairs.  If your feet are in need of professional assistance, look into specials from local ads, newspapers or sites like Groupon for great deals.


The key to maintaining gorgeous feet and nails through the chilly winter is all about including your feet in your daily beauty ritual.  Make sure your feet are getting soaked and moisturized.  Ensure that your nails and cuticles are being maintained and if all else fails, get help from the professionals.