Top 10 Most Attractive Ingredients in Masculine Perfumes |

Top 10 Most Attractive Ingredients in Masculine Perfumes


Finding out the best masculine smelling scents is of great interest to men and women alike. It’s because everyone wants to smell good – for their own interest and for the others, as well as to convey a message. Sometimes we choose a perfume that says “I’m classy” or “I’m rich and sophisticated”. Other times, we just want to feel downright sexy. Since men may not be as excited as women to browse articles and magazines in the search of the perfect perfume, we will reveal below some of the sexiest notes for men.

  1. Cinnamon

Although it’s not too frequently employed, cinnamon in masculine perfumery makes for a mysterious and sensual addition. Combined with crisp notes, woody or citrus elements, cinnamon brings warmth and character. Women love its fragrance because it evokes cosiness and has a subtle gourmand feeling to it.

  1. Oud

Oud or agarwood is sourced from Arabian countries and mirrors their charm perfectly. A man using AlShareefOudh perfume or luxury oud oil will be reminiscent of fantastic tales from 1001 Nights, irresistibly seductive and mastering secrets from long gone centuries.

  1. Leather

It’s easy to figure out this is very masculine. Fit for the rugged and edgy man, leather notes can be sophisticated too, since these have been included in some highly successful feminine perfumes, too (see the famous classic Shalimar by Guerlain). Combined with vanilla, this smells absolutely gorgeous.

  1. Amber

This is a strong note found at the base of many amazing perfumes, for both men and women. Amber may refer to many varied ingredients and sources but it always has the same profile: classically oriental. Therefore, it is easy to figure out its sensuality, depth and projection.

  1. Moss

Many of us love fresh smells, especially ones that remind us of nature’s purity. Such is the fragrance of moss. When used in perfumery, it adds masculinity, freshness and a certain rough edge to the blend. Since moss evokes unspoilt nature, it creates the image of an active, outdoorsy man ready for adventure. For a more refined mossy grass small, try vetiver.

  1. Incense

We are back into the mysterious, dark and fascinating world of Asian wonders, where spices and incense are highly prized. Any man’s cologne with an incense touch is sure to evoke exotic fairytales and seduction. It usually represents the dark smoky note that adds mystery and depth.

  1. Musk

The list would not be realistic without it. Musk is sexy and often powdery, feeling clean and alluring. It is frequently used in masculine perfumes, as well as in feminine ones. It the former, it works ideally along wood notes.

  1. Sandalwood

Sourced from a small tropical tree, sandalwood is spicy and a bit earthy. Its characteristics may differ, according to the composition it’s blended in. You’ll find it listed in so many perfumes but be warned – it’s usually as a base. If you want to go for a formulation that really smells like sandalwood, then make sure the perfume creator has insisted on it and employed more generous quantities, otherwise you may not be able to feel it accordingly.

Note that perfume performance largely depends on weather conditions, therefore don’t wear heavy, spicy, wintry formulas in summer and definitely skip the green, crisp fresh ones in the cold season.


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