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Top Fashion Guidelines for Choosing the Right Clothes

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Life is dynamic and there are various changes that are inevitable such as your style. The clothes that you may have been comfortable wearing a while ago may no longer be in style or suitable for your needs. Buying and wearing clothes is an enjoyable experience when you know what suits you.


A good step towards finding the right outfits is to carry out some research. Online resources are available to make it easier for you to find fashion publications and advice. You can find inspiration from what other people are wearing and try out different styles.

Body Type

The next step is to know and understand your body. People have different body types that determine which clothes will be most suitable for them. Knowing your body type and shape will make it much easier to choose clothes that flatter your appearance and accentuate your best features.

Hair and Skin

Hair color and complexion are also useful for picking outfits because certain contrasts work better than others. Hair color ranges from fair to dark with different hues in between. Skin tones may be pale or tanned, depending on the individual and you need to select clothing whose colors will bring out your skin’s glow.


Find out the size of clothing that fits you well. Clothes should feel comfortable and work well with your body regardless of what your size may be. Clothes that are excessively tight or big are the wrong size. You can compromise on size in case you need more room or a snug fit but the clothes should be comfortable. Click here for fashion wholesale shoes.


The type of jeans that look best on you will ultimately depend on your body shape and the design or cut of the jeans. Higher waistlines are a better option if you want to prevent the appearance of muffin top or unsightly bulges.


Knowing how to bring out your best feature will enable you to accentuate effectively. Fir your upper half, a v-neck is a good solution of you need a slimming effect. V-lines draw the eye downwards and elongate the upper body.

Empire waistlines slim down the smallest part of your upper torso and skim down troublesome areas such as hips and thighs. Layering with cardigans and tees is a good way to look effortlessly chic while dresses are an easy way to achieve a glamorous appearance.


Choose appropriate colors according to the kind of look that you want to achieve. Dark colors are popular for their slimming effect while brighter colors are ideal for highlighting what you want o accentuate. You can match the colors that you wear on both your upper and lower body for a uniform look but it is always fun to experiment with different colors occasionally.


Select accessories that you can wear at both formal and informal events. Long scarves are an elegant addition to any outfit and high heel shoes boost confidence. Finish up your look with the appropriate handbag or clutch. When you want to buy new clothes, make an effort to coordinate them with what you already have.

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