Using Display Mannequins as Part of your Clothing Design and Manufacturing Process |

Using Display Mannequins as Part of your Clothing Design and Manufacturing Process


Do you own a clothing design and manufacturing studio, or are you considering starting a clothing design and manufacturing concern? In both scenarios, you believe that you have great ideas that the market will approve of, but you need to design and manufacture the items of clothing first. How do you go about designing and displaying your products for purchase?

The basics of starting a clothing design and manufacturing concern

The design, manufacture, and sale of your clothing is called a supply chain. Because your design and manufacturing studio is small, you will more than likely be involved in every step of the process from design to dispatching the final product to your customer.

In order to design, manufacture, and display the finished product you need the following basic items:

  • Drawing books and colored pencils

It is important to have a mobile method of being able to draw your designs; thereby enabling you to sit in the place where you are most creative and draw up your latest designs. Some people are able to work in a studio while other people like to get out and sit on a park bench or a coffee shop. This is why it is important to purchase drawing books and colored pencils rather than a laptop or tablet.

  • Fabric swatches

Once you have finished your drawings, it’s time to match potential fabrics to your drawings. If you are anything like me, fabric shopping will be one of your favorite tasks. I love wandering around the fabric markets and shops being able to touch and look at all the different fabric types, colors and patterns. It’s a challenge not to buy everything in the shop.

  • Drawing up patterns

Once you have matched the fabric you want to use for your designs, it’s time to start drawing up a pattern for each item in your new range. You can make basic block to start off with and then customize it to suit your design. At this stage is the first time you will also need a display mannequin to help you put your pattern together.

  • Making up a sample item

In my experience, this is the most exciting part. You will now be able to determine whether your clothing design is successful or not. If it isn’t successful, as disappointing as it is, you will have to go back to the drawing board and start again. However, if your design is successful, you can display it on the display mannequin, photograph it, and upload these photographs onto your website.

  • Making items for resale

If your design studio is a bespoke studio and only makes up clothing items based on orders, you will then have to market your new clothing line using a well-structured digital media marketing campaign. If you manufacture clothes for one of the well-known retailers, then you will manufacture the clothing based on orders from the retailer. It is important not to sit back and wait for people to find you and order clothing from you. You need to go out, market and sell your brand.

Final words

Male, Female, child, and hand mannequins are a vital part of your clothing design and manufacturing concern. You will find the requisite display mannequins for sale on the internet. All you need to do is to browse to the correct online site and complete your purchase.