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Water: The Health and Beauty Provider


You will probably have heard about the book of Genesis, and you will note that it states that on day 1, God had created water – it was there in the very beginning. That should be a big flag to you; that water has, since the beginning of time, been a very important thing to us mere mortals.

Not only is our base survival dependent upon it, but so is our beauty and general well-being. We spend hundreds of dollars each year on lotions and potions that promise us eternal youth (ok – perhaps just a tolerable way to stall the aging process), and yet, all we should really be doing is having a good drink of H20. By keeping hydrated, we allow our skin to retain youthful qualities by reducing wrinkles as the water fills them in and plumps out our skin. When we wash our face, the warm water opens our pores, and the cold water closes them, giving us an even skin tone. The benefits of water are internal and external; indeed, by keeping adequately hydrated, we are improving every facet of our health.

Unfortunately, as we no longer listen to our bodies in a way that our distant cave-dwelling ancestors did, we fail to recognize the signs that our body gives us to tell us we are starting to get dehydrated.

We know we are dehydrated when we start to feel thirsty, but what are the other signs and symptoms?

  • digestive disturbances like heartburn and constipation
  • urinary tract infections
  • premature aging
  • high cholesterol
  • weight gain

Before you reach for a glass and head to the nearest tap, you should think about the water that you are drinking. Most tap water is contaminated with a host of pollutants that can harm your body such as arsenic and aluminum. In 2001, the acceptable level of arsenic allowed in our drinking water was lowered in a move to reduce the carcinogenic properties of our drinking source in the U.S.

Before you reach for your bottled water, just consider the fact that 40 % of bottled water is, yes, you’ve guessed it, rebottled tap water. Also, the plastic bottles contain a chemical called bisphenol A or BPA, which is a synthetic hormone disruptor that has been linked to serious health problems such as learning and behavioral problems, altered immune system function, prostate and breast cancer, and early puberty in our children.

So, what is the solution? The most economically and environmentally sound thing that you can do for you and your family is to invest and purchase a water filter system for your home, such as those clean water systems by James P McMahon. He will provide you with the advice and guidance as to which system is best suited to your home for the benefit and well-being of your family.

How much water should you be drinking?

Guidelines are always adapting, and scientists and experts are always improving on their answers. One minute it is 6 glasses per day, and the next 8? You need to look at your urine to figure out whether you are drinking enough water. A healthy and hydrated body produces light yellow straw-colored urine; if yours doesn’t, you need to drink more water, and hopefully, the right type of water.

Kelly Everson is MA in English Literature and an American Author. Her work comprises of articles appearing or forthcoming in over a dozen websites covering beauty skin care, weight loss, diet and overall men’s & women’s health. When she’s not educating strangers with her writing, she’s most likely researching about new discoveries in health, fitness and beauty industry. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter