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What Exfoliant or Scrub Matches Your Skin Type?

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Your skin sheds off dead cells on a daily basis, but this natural process can be impeded by several factors. Aside from sun damage and other skin problems, aging and hormonal changes contribute to the accumulation of dead skin cells. And without the proper skincare regimen, your skin could end up turning dry, flaky, or dull. It can even lose its firmness, which can then cause sagging skin. Thankfully, applying an exfoliant or scrub on your skin will help remove the buildup smoothly. But in order for the exfoliant to work effectively, you must find one that best suits your skin type.


Yes, even people with normal skin must make it a habit to exfoliate. It takes work to keep your skin soft and vibrant. Since people with normal skin don’t encounter a lot of skin problems, they can choose to exfoliate with enzyme-based exfoliants or scrubs. If you are looking for an enzyme-based exfoliant, make sure to look for products with bromelain, an enzyme derived from pineapples. Exfoliants with fruit enzymes have bioactive components that detach and digest protein, which your dead skin cells basically are. Aqua Exfoliator for Body by LadyKin is a good item for those who are looking for an all-around exfoliant that’s gentle on the skin.


Delicate skin easily dries after exfoliation, but is this not because of the exfoliating product. The dryness is actually caused by the lack of moisture, so if you have dry and flaky skin, you should remember to follow-up each exfoliation with a moisturizer. And to avoid over-exfoliating your skin, it is preferred to exfoliate once a month. When it comes to choosing an exfoliant or scrub, it is better that you pick a manual exfoliant than a chemical one. Manual exfoliants do not contain chemicals that speed up the exfoliation process. You yourself are in charge of exfoliating your skin using your two hands, so you have complete control over the product. Just remember not to be too rough when rubbing any exfoliant on your face.


People with oily skin should also remember not to over-exfoliate. Over-exfoliation dries up delicate skin and the dryness encourages the body to produce more oil. It would do well for people with oily skin to choose scrubs over exfoliants as scrubs help break impurities and wash them away. A good scrub for your oily skin would be Origins Zero Oil™ Deep Pore Cleanser with Saw Palmetto & Mint. The saw palmetto ingredient is perfect for your skin because this plant has antiseptic properties that effectively control excess oil production. Using this product every other night will lessen the shine on your face, reduce redness, and prevent breakouts. It also leaves a fresh, minty feeling on your skin.


There are several reasons why people with sensitive skin find it hard to look for an exfoliant or scrub that suits them. But the most common problem is that the product is too harsh for their skin. Exfoliants that have numerous chemicals in their mix can burn and irritate you upon application. For sensitive skin, it is best to look for products with organic ingredients or organic compounds like beta hydroxy acid (BHA). Organic components are gentler and friendlier on the skin, and BHAs like salicylic acid are helpful in dissolving blackheads and removing dirt from clogged pores.


Mature or aging skin requires extra attention due to the fact that this skin type can no longer produce new layers of skin cells as fast as before. It is recommended that people with aging skin exfoliate at least twice a week to trigger cell turnover. And, to make the exfoliating process more effective, choose exfoliants with glycolic acid like Epicuren’s Glycolic Lotion Skin Peel 10%. Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and is considered as a “top dog” in the skin care industry. Because of glycolic acid’s smaller molecules, the acid penetrates deeper into the epidermis and works quickly. It is also gentle on the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.


If your skin is both oily and dry, exfoliants with fruit enzymes will clear your skin problems away. Again, fruit enzymes are gentle to the skin and have bioactive components, which effectively remove dead skin cells. Fruit enzymes are perfect ingredients for dealing with combination skin, as they do not damage dry skin. The Revealing Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant by Ella Baché is a good match for this skin type. Its licorice extract helps hydrate your skin, while the papaya fruit enzyme and pineapple extract leave you feeling soft and refined.