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Where Can You Work With Training in Esthetics (Skin Care)?


In an esthetics training program at beauty school, you get to focus on various aspects of skin care so you have well-rounded knowledge. You learn about giving facials and exfoliations, removing hair and applying makeup to beautify the face, and performing other skin care, beauty and business skills. Learning these versatile skills can give you a variety of beauty career options that take you in different directions. It’s up to you where you want to go with your esthetics (skin care) training. Here are some of the opportunities available to you if you gain the esthetician training Marinello Schools of Beauty has to offer:


With training as an esthetician, you learn valuable skin care and makeup techniques that you can apply in salons. You’ll be able to offer skin analysis, skin care treatments and makeup application sessions. You can also offer your clients skin care products and advice. If you are interested in this avenue, you will have the knowledge to manage or own a salon.


Another option is to work in a spa providing skin care spa treatments to guests. In this setting, you could perform facials, exfoliations and other skin treatments that improve client’s skin, help them glow and give them a relaxing experience. You will also have the skills and knowledge to teach people how to take care of their skin after they leave. Just like with salons, you can encourage your clients to use certain skin care products and you have the choice to start your own spa or manage one.

Medical Spas

In medical spas, your role might be more specialized to certain skin care treatments. You could provide manual and chemical facials, exfoliations and specialty techniques for correcting the skin and providing anti-aging results. In a similar way, you could work in dermatology or plastic surgery offices.

Film and Television Studios

When actors, hosts and newscasters go in front of the camera, they need to have professional skin care and makeup services so they look great on screen. With esthetics training, you can provide these services, along with specialized services, such as helping them look natural in certain lighting.

Fashion Shows and Events 

At fashion shows, clothing designers rely on makeup artists to complete the look of their fashion pieces. In this career, you will be able to play with bold makeup styles, as well as understated ones. You could also apply makeup for various special events, such as weddings, proms and celebrity red carpet events.

Representing Products

Products are a large part of business at salons and spas. Beauticians need great products they can use when providing services so their client’s get top-notch results, plus selling products gives beauticians and salons another way to make a profit. You can make it your career to represent products and try to get them into beauty businesses and/or to sell them on your own straight to consumers. Or you could work at a cosmetics store or department store’s cosmetics department, or create your own beauty line.

As you can see, there are a lot of different opportunities with this type of training from Marinello Schools of Beauty. Through the esthetician program, you learn esthetics techniques in addition to business skills. You get classroom training as well as hands-on training that prepares you for your career. You’ll be learning with beauty professionals at an accredited beauty school at the top of its field.

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